Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Bunch of Guys Watching "Date Night"

I picked up my taxes.
I owe money.
I f**king hate the IRS.

Besides that, I headed to Jamal’s to hang out and watch Date Night. That sentence is treading dangerously close to suspect. But never the less, to Tustin I went. I had barely sat down, before Ben appeared at Jamal’s, followed by Justin. Looks like it wasn’t going to just be two single, lonely men watching Date Night. It was going to be a therapy group’s worth of sad boys.

We went to the Tustin Market Place, and ate at the food court, with each of us getting our own food. I got some ramen from Noodle and Dumpling, Jamal and Justin got some Thai food, and Ben got some Baja Fresh. My ramen was okay, but not nearly as good as the legendary Santouka. After eating, we headed to the theater, and met up with Jon. My word! I now know for a fact that there was a group of 5 men, with no women in tow, who watched a date movie together. I was even directly involved with this twisted affair. But perhaps I’m being unfair. Maybe Date Night isn’t a date movie.

Hey, and maybe corporate executives deserve bonuses.

RIGHT. *sarcasm*

All my sarcasm aside, Date Night isn’t a bad movie. It has some pretty decent laughs, and it does have Tina Fey and Steve Carell doing a great job with what they usually do a great job on. They’re improved bits are some of the honestly funniest parts of the movie. And though the flick does have heart, it still just remains a decent popcorn flick, when you get right down to it. Watch this movie, and get precisely your money’s worth.

After the movie, we all hung out with some coffee (or tea, in my case) and talked for hours afterwards. And this was all that I could have hoped for, or even wanted, in fact. A really great, chill night.

Topics of Conversation @ the Tustin Market Place: Being the creepy guy, the food quandary, Gay Club vs. Gay Bar, The Buddy Girls, Cameron Diaz being mean to Ben, The Death of Bucky Boy, peach tea Lattes, the unnecessary use of hyphens, Mr. Adventure, sins of the past, “that’s not cigarette smoke“, OC Ska guy, etc.


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