Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It Was What It Usually Is

April 26, 2010:

It was that time again! The City of Lakewood needed me to record a water meeting for the Central Basin. It was what it usually is. That is all that can be said on that.

After the Water meeting, I had some time before the Norwalk would need my charming self, so I headed to Comics Unlimited to do the run that had been denied me by fate. Mark and Lainey were at the shop, and Mark informed me that he was hurt by my not making an appearance last Wednesday. I assured him that it was me, and not him. I think we’re okay, but I will need to tread carefully from here on out.

I grabbed lunch with Lainey to catch up on the past few days that I had been MIA. Hemlock, her cat, had gotten a fixed a day or two ago, and some of Lainey’s crafts were getting bundled up for a big sale in the upcoming weeks.

After lunch, I headed out with my two comics that I had bought: Green Lantern (#53) and Secret Six (#20). Green Lantern was okay, but the new status quo is a little confusing. I’m not sure if I’m going to like it as much. Only time will tell. Secret Six had a great twist and intense set-up. Gail Simone knows how to tell dark stories. I can’t wait to see what happens.
I headed to Norwalk to cable cast. I also spent the time trying to figure out how to invite more people for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day. The multi-tasking was short-lived, as I needed to organize some of the old tapes.

I went home finished up reading Changes by Jim Butcher. I already had another book that I was reading called The Gone-Away World, but Changes was a book that I knew that I couldn’t wait on finishing. And for anyone that hasn’t read any of Jim Butcher’s books, do yourself an amazing favor and start. Its worth it. Cuz this was the 12th in the series, and I can’t wait for the 13th. Wow.

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited: Stinky and Smelly, faves, prices going up, generic horror, roller derby training, horrible conversations or horrible topics, trying to get the number of someone you don’t even know, tea parties, etc.


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