Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Bamboozled Myself

Easter earthquakes is quite a biblical way to celebrate these holidays.

But besides this, I also spent the first half of the day to have not only breakfast with my parents, but we also had lunch. It was nice to just have a relaxing Sunday to kick back.

Later in the day, I made plans with Jamal to hang out at his mom’s place. Remember kids, “visiting his mom” is code for doing laundry. Ho ho ho! I kid, a little.

What’s not funny, is the fact that Jamal was able to talk me into seeing Clash of the Titans again. In 3D. What? But… What? Yeah, so we head to The Block to meet up with Jon, Ben, and Kevin. I buy the tickets feeling as though I bamboozled myself. Annoyed though I was, I hope I didn’t color the other guys viewing. Ben and Kevin were going to be a little late, so we took our tickets inside.

As we grabbed out seats, I hustled over to the concession counter to grab some nachos and soda. I came back to find both Kevin and Ben had arrived, so I sat down.

“Oh, that seat’s wet, man,” said Ben.
“What?” I said eloquently.
“That seat you’re in is wet,” repeated Ben.
“Awesome,” I exclaimed, standing up.

It was wet.

Jon and Jamal were looking at Ben incredulously. Apparently Ben was supposed to tell me. You know. BEFORE I sat down. A genius plan in theory that did not work in practice. I quietly cussed to myself and sat on the other side of Jon in a blessedly dry seat. Don’t worry, folks, Ben is a good guy, I just probably couldn’t hear him in the theater…. RIGHT. :-)

Clash of the Titans in 3D was just like my last review of Clash of the Titans, except with a tad more depth of field. No difference, really. Seriously, just watch the movie in 2D. Its just as good. The story will definitely remain the same.

Topics of Conversation @ The Block: Drunk calling, ditching birthday parties, gay club hopping, the madness of having burned 22 tracks of “I Would Walk 500 Miles” by the Proclaimers onto a single CD, nobody calls Nate, never being around for the cool stuff, dare shots, etc.


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