Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conundrums Aside

I was woken up from a dead sleep to find that I could pick up some work at Lakewood. Not fun, being woken from a dead sleep, but I needed to get up anyway, so at least MONEY can shake me awake. And the job wasn’t half bad, either. I was going to help shoot B-roll for the Long Beach Roller Derby. Hell yeah, that’s WAY worth getting woken from a dead sleep!

And if that wasn’t enough, I picked up some more work, for PCTA this time. I wasn’t going to go on a ride-along with a trash collecting agency to pick up some B-roll for a separate piece about Huntington Beach sanitation. I never know what I’m going to shoot.

And if that TOO wasn’t enough, it was my comic run today! This was an extra good Wednesday, and I hit the road eagerly. Along the way to the shop, I had an Oil Tanker truck in front of me that had the words “Have No Fear, American Oil Is Here.” So what if I’m afraid of American Oil? Then what am I supposed to do?

Those conundrums aside, this week was a heavy one for me. I got to the shop in good spirits, as usual, though I had forgotten that Lainey would not be there today. She was off having non-comic shop fun. I picked up Invincible Returns, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (#34), Batman & Robin (#11), The Boys (#41), and Demo Vol. 2 (#03). I didn’t get much of a chance to read them, but so far they seemed really strong.

I met up with Justin at the shop, and we headed over to Corner Bakery for lunch. After which I had to head to work quick-style. Norwalk was nice and chill, and I used to time to catch up on my writing and wonder at how busy this month was going to become. Also, Mike called me up and told me some good news on a poster I was hoping for had come up. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have a trio of awesome posters just for my mad collection!

Topics of Conversation @ Corner Bakery: Robot baby, a bad news health inspector, Identity Circle, good mood Nate, quality weeklys, chicken bones, Tyrese Gibson and Koreatown, double standards, Adam Carolla vs. the Philippines, fb blocking people, etc.


(And just a personal note, I finally was able to catch up on all my blogs after being nearly 14 behind! Whoa! Never give up, never surrender!)

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