Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anaheim Comic Con - Day 04: The Great Signature Hunt of 2010

As quickly as the storm came, it passed. Sunday was looking to be a day of gathering all the things that I hadn’t been able to grab for the last three days. In an odd way, it felt like Sunday would be the day for volunteers. Where we turn the Con into our own little wandering playground.

And boy did I wander.

For me, today was about getting my shirt signed. I didn’t really have money to buy anything, but I had my rugged charm to use on people to get them to sign my retina-burning yellow volunteer shirt. But I didn’t just want autographs from the celebrity or creative guests, I also wanted all my fellow volunteers to sign my shirt. And piece by piece, I achieved this goal.

MY AUTOGRAPHS!: Ted Raimi. Doug Tennapel. Adam West. Jewel Staith. Burt Ward. Mindy Sterling. Jason Mewes. Ed Asner. Jake Busey. etc.

I narrowly avoided getting a penis drawn on my back, Christine signed my shirt 3 times, and I got a drawing of Earthworm Jim and Batman. The shirt looks awesome. I’ll have to figure out a way to display it so that both sides can be seen.

After the Con closed up for the last day, the volunteers and I went into the back to do some clean up. And then we got to grab our SWAG Bags. And these were special Volunteer Swag Bags. Their were 10 Hour, 20 Hours, 30 Hours, and finally, 40 Hours bags. Each pertained to the number of hours a volunteer put in for the whole Comic Con. I did 37 hours. Whoo boy. I got the 40 Hour bag and felt like a very tired Fan Boy.

Many thanks to all the people that helped make the Anaheim Comic Con rock. A special thank you to the first 19 on Thursday, as I will remember your names for a long time to come. I can’t wait to volunteer next year!

Topics of Conversation @ The Con: How to say Beardo, drawing penises on shirts, Adam We, the irresistibleness of David Tennant, baby Thors, being Vanilla, the parade of R2’s, Dollhouse spoilers, Ninja: The Game, suran wrap, trying to find a dinosaur poster, etc.


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